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Poetry by Olivia Bell.
Published November 18, 2015
Poetry by Olivia Bell
Includes three poems.
Weekly Poems.
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photography, fiction, spoken
word, music, and film by
residents of Canada.
Published February 22, 2016
Poetry by Ryan Racine
Includes the poems, "Fortitude"
and "Parking Lot Persona".
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Published March 18, 2016
Poetry by Michael Allyn Wells
Includes the poems, "Infatuation",
"The Face of Mount Rushmore",
and "My Mason Jar".
Published March 30, 2016
Poetry by Duane Locke
-"Word Trance no. 60"
-"Word Trance no. 62"
-"Word Trance no. 63"
-"Word Trance no. 64"
-"Word Trance no. 65"
Published March 30, 2016
Poetry by Jesus Chamelon
-"Tropical Sap Moon and
Endless Wind"
-"On the Innocent and Blue
-"Lyric Poem Sequence: 'For the
Published September 6, 2016
Poetry by John Grey
-"Found In-Box Poem"
-"What if She's the One"
Published September 10, 2016
Poetry by A.J. Huffman
-"I Imagine Being Real"
-"I Dreamed I Slept with the Ghost
of a Bear"
Published January 11, 2017
Poetry by Sindhu Verma
Published January 11, 2017
Visual Art by Bill Wolak