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Yellow Walls
City of Doll Houses
The Eroding Light

Three poems by Bobbi Sinha-Morey
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Yellow Walls

I sleep only to live in
my dreams again where
joys are not edged in
pain, where rainbow
prisms light a patch
before the undertow
of dawn sets in. In my
earliest memory I'd
longed to take my
asphyxiated heart and
wash it in a stream,
wake  under the red
shadows of a pale dusk
when the moon is no
longer hidden. Now
the yellow walls of
the sun are closing in,
the youth of the day
wasted like ash.

City Of Doll Houses

Lost in the city of doll
houses, the landscape
of silver all around,
I saw myself in one of
the windows breathing
in the musty air of the
room, sharp with sweet
blossoms. Inside, every-
thing is in place. The
shape of God's hands
have tucked me under
night's wing, reminding
my senses of static
darkness. A pin under
the bed, a dust layer
on the desktop. I lose
myself in the cave of
endless breath, a minutia
of not knowing myself.
I live at the border of
risk, about to vanish into
the  past of an unvarnished
after, a longer word for

The Eroding Light

All that's left of my home
is the casketry I live in,
and auguries that have
spun themselves in the
dust. The eroding light is
a symbol of my dreams,
and I keep my breath
silent while the gods are
watching me. I open
the drawers of my late
husband's dresser now
he is gone, at the first,
subtlest, darkening of
dusk, a trick of the mind
that the past seems just
ahead of us like a forged
knot. The year's hard
corners have confined
me to this, and I question
the purpose of the sky
before it turns its face
away from the grief-
struck match of my

I am a poet living in the peaceful city of Brookings, Oregon. My poetry has
been published in places such as
Plainsongs, Bellowing Ark, Taproot
Literary Review
, Pirene's Fountain, Open Window Review, and The Path.
My books of poetry include
Candle Song, The Glass Swan, Rain Song, and
others. They're available on and just
by accessing my name. My other books are online, in print, and on Kindle.
My website address is I enjoy
aerobics, knitting, and reading. My husband, Joe Morey, takes me on
countless rock hounding adventures, and we like taking walks by the beach.