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Wish Upon a Scar

Poem by Eric Johnny

Wish Upon a Scar

A droplet of water lasted me a thousand ages
For I traveled inside my mind

I documented a thousand faces
That ended up turning blind eyes

The lifeblood of faith kept urging me to wait
While I became a statue deprived of light and the life I once called mine

Numb sounds flow / Passions let go
Clinging onto footprints / A coward's instinct

Uncensored immunity is a curse
For tragedy teaches weakness
Nothing will be of any worth
As love and fear will be without consequences

Once upon a song / You were a flower
Your petals became undone / Gone now and forever

A taste of your grace got me through a thousand fates
I have not forgotten the abyss of your bliss

But it broke me over and over a thousand ways
The memory of your kiss is a double-edged gift

The void you left behind became my name
And I kill myself bit by bit every time I reminisce
of when my heart was within your grip

My name is Eric. I have been writing since 2006. I have been a graphic
designer since 2004. I enjoy doing both, and I also crossover to make cover
art for whatever poem I have completed. I am born and raised in Canada. I
am of Native American descent. I would like to believe that writing is a
strong passion of mine. I do consider it an important outlet to my humanity.
There is 'writing' and then there is 'expression' because anyone can write,
but it takes a special kind of soul to relate and deliver.
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