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This Rooted Twig
Violet Tears
We Touched Each Other

Three poems by Honey Novick

This Rooted Twig

Everything and everybody has a speciality.
Like a rooted twig, potted in foreign soil,
this specialty must be cared for, daily.
It could be a special friendship, talent, or a secret,
or it could be a beloved jasmine plant,
scion of an historical treasured bush
placed on a windowsill,
amidst a grey, cold, dreary midwinter,
far from its warm, familiar habitat.

In new territory this rooted twig,
nurtured by love, expectation, hope,
water, sun, sounds and touch -
thrives into a growing network of roots.

This rooted twig’s speciality is its delicate blossom
proffering a perfume of unmatched fragrant nectar.
This aromatic blossom lives
for only one sunrise, and one sunset,
before dropping from its branch.

This rooted twig is a gift
given from another side of the world,
to enhance. It is like other immigrants,
adding to the beautiful diversity of its new life.

Numinous, spiritual, the power of this rooted twig
is nurtured, loved, honoured, imbibed and heard.

The power of any specialty,
cultivates a flourishing network of inspiration,
endowing the recipient forever.

Violet Tears

Yesterday I cried violet tears.
Cascading like diamonds,
they fell into a champagne flute.
I then drank a toast to you.

Today I walk in green meadows,
grass blades tickling the soles of my feet.
Footsteps the only witness to my presence.

Tomorrow I will swim through the pewter grey morning
recognizing neither colour nor shape
just the intention of the rain.

We Touched Each Other

We touched each other,
from hundreds of miles away.

The impact of that connection was so strong
I cried, couldn’t sleep and began seriously
to pray for the happiness of everyone concerned.

You turned off all the phones
while visiting the moose in your wilderness.

You touched me and I began to care.
I began to feel the blood coursing through my veins
warmer, moving oxygen, breathing in tandem.

I care enough to ask, “who are you?”

Unequivocally, with a determined voice,
you proclaimed “I will change you”.  
Not fazed, non-plussed, I retorted,
“I hope so.  It is mutual, I will change you”  
You laughed.

And then the worst happened.  

I became afraid, very afraid.
You became silent.  

In my fear, I began to care.  Unexpectedly, feeling a
depth of concern blindsiding my complacency,
my comfort, my control.

I want to tell you that I care.  I want you to be happy.
I want you to know I heard you
from hundreds of miles away.

Honey Novick is a singer/songwriter/voice teacher/poet.  She lives in Toronto
and is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets.  She says, "Writing
poetry is like finding a friend and nurturing that friendship to be the comfort
and ideal relationship."  

Visit Honey Novick's website:

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Published June 20, 2015