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Poetry by Mamta Madhavan

Zen Tangling
Published October 7, 2015

Zen Tangling

We are simple and pure,
you and I,

infinitesimal links,
infinite, twisted and
tied in tight knots.

We fall apart, but
you return. Always.
Your lopsided smile, flashing eyes
as we speak through the silence
in monosyllables, sentences.

I still feel your lips on mine,
my neck , your breath as warm
as the shredded sun rays.

But you are a mirage now –

I wish I was close to you,
We are like kindred spirits
in the astral realm,
our spirits torn, broken,
far away, yet woven
together intricately,
where our breaths

transcend boundaries

and dance in tandem
as they move,
spill into continuum
between the spaces.

Mamta Madhavan has been writing poetry in English, her second language,
from the age of 13. Her poems have been published in various literary
journals and zines all over. She also pens childrens poems. She is a curator
on staff at
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