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Photos by Pablo San Blaz
Published November 14, 2015

Presenting three photographs by Pablo San Blaz. Click to view the images
in a new window. Download for use as wallpaper only.
Poetry, visual art, photos,
fiction, and and spoken word by
artists from around the world.
~ Weekly Poems: Photos by Pablo San Blaz ~
Wax Poetry and Art Projects
Axil Poetry and Art
Wax Poetry & Art International
Eleventh Transmission
Phoenix Photo&Fiction
Weekly Poems
Wax Poetry and Art
Weekly Poems.
"Contradictory views"
Tells about the counterculture and false economical success
"Pesty Rhino"
Tells of the pest problem that the Asian Rhino Beetle is causing on whole
groves of coconuts throughout the Asian-Pacific rim.
"Roots With Food"
Tells about the nourishment that plants (fruit trees) need bear and a new local program that is
encouraging people to recycle refuse and do more composting
Pablo San Blaz (PSB) (pen name of a new American artist) has published work as an emerging
artist that include the following e-paintings: "My Kitty;" "Chestnuts in October (Net);" "C.M.;" "J.D.;"
and, "K.," in addition to the following photographs: "Acrobatic Friend" and "False Crystal
(Upside-Down)," which express profound religion.  Several works of photography by PSB have
been published as haiga images with the haijin and poet, Jesus Chameleon.

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