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Poetry by Ryan Racine

Parking Lot Persona
Published February 22, 2016


“By God, the old man could handle a spade.
Just like his old man.”
- Seamus Heaney, “Digging”.

My grandfather spent hours
tending to the garden. I spent
minutes on my allowance.

Every Wednesday he departed
to the basement, making the cold
floor his bed.
People presume
nature is around us, son
He would turn over and make
me feel his spine,
piercing me like a broken rake.

Snakes swim in my scapula. Spider
monkeys cross my cervical vertebrae.
I would feel for the Amazon. His legs
were trees in the air.  His cigarette
lips would whisper warnings of the brown
sod. I would fatten my urge to call friends.

Parking Lot Persona

I sometimes wish I could laugh in the car
like Abraham did to
God in the desert. However, my ribcage cannot
afford the consequences.

My elbow becomes
neurotic, watching how the snow plow
disobeys laws on the dance floor. Windows have
embraced HD ADHD, focusing on how nearby
passengers eat dandruff hidden on
the taxi driver’s collar.

We spend hours in the parking lot
before our shift going through a
Buddhist Enlightenment
and listen to Beethoven’s  String
Quartets. Consequently, accidents have become steel
projectiles prancing around in the cosmic
dance of phenomena,
and your body seems to have stumbled
upon it. Alright, maybe I will try to smirk.

My name is Ryan Racine and I am a poet from Niagara Falls, Ontario. I
have published in the online literary magazines,
The Steel Chisel,
, The Brock University Anthology, and Pictures &
. I recently won the UNESCO poetry contest in Niagara and was
selected for the Michael Hornyansky Prize for Creative Writing. I am
currently studying the relationship between space and place within
contemporary Canadian poetry at Brock University.

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