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The Weekly Poetry Contest

Weekly Poems invites all poets to participate in The Weekly Poetry
. Submissions are welcome from everywhere on Earth.

A project of
Wax Poetry and Art. Published and edited by Kirk Ramdath.

All participants are added to The Weekly Poetry Contest email list.

The Weekly Poetry Contest Submission Guidelines

Sponsored by: Wax Poetry and Art

Contest Status: Closed. Submissions are temporarily closed while the
contest is revamped. Check back later or join the email list using the form on
the left, below the menu.

This contest closes at midnight on Sunday. The next contest starts
immediately following the end of the current contest, Monday morning.

These guidelines have been specially crafted to make running a weekly
contest easier, therefore it is essential that you follow these guidelines
when making your submission.

The contest runs weekly from Monday morning at 12:01 AM, to Sunday
night, 12:00 midnight, every week, unless otherwise posted on this page.

The winner will be chosen and published within 1 week following the close
of each contest. Participants will receive notice that the winner has been
published via email. This email will also serve as a prompt to enter the
current week's contest. If you do not wish to receive the next week's notice,
click the Unsubscribe button. Otherwise, you will continue to receive notices
whenever a new winner is published, even if you do not enter the contest.

The First Place poem will be published online in
Weekly Poems and
announced on the Facebook pages of
Weekly Poems and
Wax Poetry and Art.

Since the winner will be published within a week of the contest closing, there
will never be more than two weeks from the time you submit until the time the
winner is published. Therefore, please do not send queries until two weeks
have passed from the time of your submission.

If fewer than three publishable entries are submitted, no winner will be
published. In that case, submitters will be notified that their poem is
no longer being considered. To participate again, send a new poem, or
indicate that you want to run the same poem again.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed.

Submit 1 original, unpublished, titled poem, along with a biography and your
mailing address (including country and postal code). Include social media
information in your biography, if applicable.

The entire submission (poem, biography, mailing address) must be copied
and pasted into the body of a single email and sent to the email address
shown below. Do not include any part of your submission in an attachment.

Send your submission via email by midnight on Sunday. Use, "The Weekly
Poetry Contest" as the subject header of your email. Send your email to:

Submissions will not be reviewed upon receipt. Incomplete or improperly
formatted submissions will be disqualified at the start of review.

Winning The Weekly Poetry Contest
The winner receives publication in Weekly Poems. There is no financial
compensation. However, the poet with the most weekly wins at the end of
2017, having won at least 5 weeks, shall receive entry for one winning
poem of their choice into the Reader's Choice component of the
Poetry and Art World's Best Poem Contest. That contest does have a cash

The winner grants publisher Kirk Ramdath the right to the first publication
of the poem, as well as the right to republish the poem in
Weekly Poems &
Wax Poetry and Art anthologies, online or in print, without additional
permission required. The publisher warrants that if the winning poem is
ever collected into an online or print anthology, authors shall receive an
appropriate share of 50% of all online sales and 15% of all print sales.
Royalties will be shared equally among all contributors, and paid out
annually in January, to anyone who $25 CAD or more is owed.

The winner also grants the publisher the right to publish parts or all of the
work on third party platforms such as Facebook, specifically for the
purpose of sharing the work with more people, and considering the evolving
and experimental nature of the Internet.

About the Publisher & Editor
Kirk Ramdath is the publisher and editor of Wax Poetry and Art, Eleventh
Transmission, Weekly Poems, and other publications. He has been an
artist and arts activist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, since 2005. Kirk has
received numerous writing grants from Canada Council for the Arts. His
first book is
Love in a Handful of Dust.
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