Weekly Poem
ISSN 2291-7942
Vol. 1, No. 14, May 20, 2014
Edited by Kirk Ramdath

But honestly
by Comrade Black
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

I wish we could be more honest about our relationships
To ourselves and each other
About what we want, need, and desire
I wish we could just say openly,
I am sick of not being with anyone
and want a partner
Taking applications
Or, I have a love but want another,
And that would be alright
I wish you could say to people, I think you’re cute, or, you’re alright,
And not have them be offended or treat you different after
Or that if someone asked you out
You could just say, I’m not attracted to you
And go on with your life
Stay friends
And not have it come between you.
I wish I could just ask for a cuddle buddy openly
Without anyone thinking that was weird
Or even more, that people would ask me
Why do I have to always do all the asking?
I wish you could ask, is this just a hang out, or a date?
without it changing the potential outcome
and the answer, I don’t know what I want
or, let’s just see
wouldn’t be a let down
I wish people would just tell me when they have feelings for me
So I don’t have to guess
I don’t always pick up social cues
And some people’s normal feels like flirting
And sometimes flirting
Doesn’t have to mean anything
So I always second guess myself
Sometimes I wish I could have a romantic friend
Who is not a sexual partner
Or a sexual friend
Who’s not romantic lover
Other times I want it all
Other days I don’t
Want anything
I wish I could say I’m lonely
Without being thought of as desperate
Or that women could date as many men or women as they wanted
Without being called a slut
And men could date as many men or women
Or whatever gender(s)
Without being accused of womanizing
Cause slut implies no standards
And womanizer
Implies a user
An abuser
Who manipulates and leads on potential lovers
With dishonest intentions
But if we could just communicate
Would it matter how many lovers?
Maybe you don’t want any
I wish that was just as acceptable
As plenty
I wish you could be attracted to what attracts you
And not attracted to what doesn’t
Without judgment
And if someone else was attracted to something else
That would be great
But honestly
My fantasy
Is not the world we live in
I once read a definition of Magik
Was to turn out desires and imagination,
Our thoughts,
Into action
To make our dreams real
So how do we make wishes come true?

Comrade Black is an anarchist poet, and community organizer. Comrade was
a winner of the Free Nyki Poetry Contest, and is currently working on a book
of poetry that will be published through Eberhardt Press set for release in the
spring of 2014, as well as a audio cassette tape published by Profane
Existence Records. Comrade hosts a regular political column on
profanexistence.com and has had writing published in Earth First! Journal,
Monday Magazine (mondaymag.com), The Victoria Street Newz as well as on
the website Because We Must.
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