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Least I Can Do

by Naomi Kurashige

Least I can do is to taste your tears and decipher
the amount of salt that is determined to be excess,
so that I do not ever bring you to an ocean
which makes you feel like drowning.

Least I can do is to hum a different song each time,
specially selected from my secretly-curated playlist,
for each time your exhale begins to knock
like an impatient debt collector threatening to tangle your insides.

Least I can do is to mimic a cocoon with my fingers
around your index every time it flutters to the places where your skin
is raised;
how rude a scar is, sometimes, to demand attention
when you have already done everything to make it a part of you.

Most caterpillars still become butterflies even with damaged
all it takes is some care after emerging and that’s something I
can do.

Least I can do is to blast loud songs with unnecessarily happy
because sometimes humming only can get that loud-
and I’d do anything to shield your ears from those
chanting convenient advice that they’d never take,
on situations they’ve never been in.

Least I can do is to introduce you to cheese and wine
with names we definitely don’t know how to pronounce,
just to discover so many words you can still
roll off your tongue without dripping bitterness.

Least I can do is to reenact that feeling
of anticipation you shiver into just before the rollercoaster drops,
and you know that everything doesn’t matter now,
except to embrace the wind in your face;
a reminder that a force going against you, sometimes isn’t a battle.

At the very least,
I know that you’d do that for me-
Choreographing my heart beat’s dance
like raindrops kissing the ground was a solution I never imagined
you’d devise,
simply from reading the audible Morse code my tears relayed
whenever they slid off the roof of your shoulders.

This is the least I can do for you.  

Naomi is a poet who stitches words into a blanket, in hopes you
feel less alone with the warmth and knowledge of someone else
who have felt similar pains. Naomi is currently working on her first
fiction novel while posting micro poems on her Instagram.
World's Best Poems, p. 23

Least I Can Do

by Naomi Kurashige
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

First Place:
Wax Poetry and Art Poetry Contest #15
Originally Published in
Wax Poetry and Art, March 4, 2019
"Least I Can Do" by Naomi Kurashige
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