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Walking Sleep

Dust, once the mulch of succulent leaves,
lies undisturbed along the pathway,
silently receiving the print
of bear, bird, and mouse.

You stumble onto their tracks, feet scuffing
the powder to erase the footprint
of a passing deer. In your somnolence
you are less aware than the dust itself,
less aware than the stag that watches
from the shadows, silent majesty.

The din of your passage causes him
to erupt in a crash of smashing dry leaves,
and you are shocked awake,
with dust on your shoes.

Ellen Dooling Reynard spent her childhood on a cattle ranch in Jackson,
Montana. Raised on myths and fairy tales, the sense of wonder has
never left her. A one-time editor of
Parabola Magazine, and co-editor of
A Lively Oracle: A Centennial Celebration of P.L. Travers, Creator of Mary
(Paul Brunton Philosophic Foundation, 1999), her poetry has
been published by
Lighten Up On Line, WestWard Quarterly, Inscape,
The Writer's Club, Current Magazine, and will appear in the Spring 2020
issue of
Muddy River Poetry Review. She is now retired and lives in
Nevada City, California where she continues to write fiction and poetry.

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Previously published in
Wax Poetry and Art:
"Least I Can Do" by Naomi Kurashige.

Published June 1, 2020

Poets of the World Contest #1 - First Place

Walking Sleep

by Ellen Dooling Reynard
(Nevada City, California, USA)
Outside Canada & USA
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