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Published September 1, 2022

i am SHE

by Senetisiwe Ginindza
(Zandondo, Eswatini)

i am SHE
royalty thy name is woman, and i am SHE.
bending to raging winds meant to break me, i rise above that occasion.
dusting off labels, names, and fables, may your efforts to bring me down rest in peace.
your vile words only mirror the stench of your own soul,
i am not your nemesis, your rival, nor your foe.
you cannot put me against you, i am far from reach,
only performing for an audience of One.
for i am whole and prolific, a sacred spirit,
an abundant soul and holy temple.
rooted in love, growing in truth, i shape shift to The Potter's rules.
i cast light, 'cause i am not afraid of the dark.
you will hear the thud of my steps before my arrival,
giving way to my aura, which speaks beyond the disillusionment of words
that fail to fully embody me.
i am one, i am many, i flow straight from the source,
for those with ears to never thirst.
fluid and watering those around me.
living waters flowing from my belly.
sweet nectars, a synthesis from my womb of honeycombs,
i bear a beauty so delectable, eternally imperishable.
ignoring hate, for i am love,
but my softness is double edged.
those that leave or throw dirt only fertilize my grounds,
i will always rise.
for i've touched the core of my own sorrow and pulled myself from its jaws.
i've witnessed the betrayal of blood and sat with the void of being alone.
every scar is a battle's badge of honor, i am not afraid of you.
your absence or presence means nothing.
i am protected beyond what meets the eye.
i see through your pretentious smile,
hear the words you don't say, and the scoffs under your breath,
as they blow with the wind and return to you like a boomerang.
protected beyond what meets the eye, i am SHE.

Senetisiwe Ginindza is a multifaceted artist from Zandondo, eSwatini. She expresses herself through poetry, theatre, and dance. She is inspired by the human experience and believes in the healing power of vulnerability. Her artistry is meant to empower and raise consciousness to social and environmental issues. She has performed at the renowned MTN Bushfire Festival, the National Arts Festival, African Crossroads, and at Poetas D'alma International Festival for Poetry and Performance Arts.
Facebook page: @senetisiweg
Instagram: @senetisiwe
Twitter: @senetisiwe

This poem is included in Poetry World #4, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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