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Poems for Occasions

Additional submission opportunities can be viewed on the Wax Poetry
and Art Submissions page.

Poems for Occasions

Sponsored by Angela Poetry Magazine and Wax Poetry and Art.

Submissions are open.

The general public often engages with poetry during occasions such as
holidays and important life events.
Poems for Occasions will create a free
online resource that will allow people to find poems about occasions
when they most want to read them. This project also intends to generate
royalties for poets and help increase overall poetry readership, worldwide.
Poems for Occasions is sponsored by Angela Poetry Magazine and Wax
Poetry and Art.

Submission Guidelines
Please read these submission guidelines carefully. You must agree with
the terms on this page in order to submit poetry to this project. Your
submission will be taken as proof of your agreement and as such, no
additional contract will be required for publication to proceed. As such,
you must include the following statement in your submission:
"I agree with the submission guidelines for the special project, Poems for

Submissions are open.

Submissions are open to everyone on Earth. Submissions in a language
other than English must include an English translation as well as the
name, biography, and mailing address of the translator. In such cases,
royalties are shared equally between the poet and translator.

Previously published work and simultaneous submissions are allowed.
Please note that poems may not be simultaneously submitted to more
than one
Wax Poetry and Art submission stream.

Submit 1 poem, along with a biography and your mailing address
(including street address, city, province / state, country, and postal code).
Include social media information in your biography, if applicable.

The maximum number of lines is 35.

You can make a new submission once your submission has been
published or rejected.

Accepted poems will be published online in
Poems for Occasions as
part of the
Poems for Occasions special project, in a category dedicated
to the occasion the poem commemorates.  Eventually, when an occasion
collects a sufficient number of poems, the poems may be collected into
a free online book to be published in the
Wax Poetry and Art Library, and
/ or a print book to be sold.

The poet grants publisher Kirk Ramdath the right to the publication
of the poem, as well as the right to republish the poem in
Poems for
Occasions, Angela Poetry Magazine, & Wax Poetry and Art
online and in print, without additional permission required.

When published, an Official Print Version of the poem will be made
available for sale. The Official Print Version will be limited-edition,
numbered, and printed on cardstock in a format similar to a greeting
card. The winner will receive a 20% royalty on all print sales, as well as
a 50% royalty on electronic sales, such as of .pdf documents and tip-jar
payments. If the poem is ever collected into an online or print anthology,
the same royalty rates apply, and royalties will be shared equally among
all contributors, based on contribution. Royalties will be paid out annually
in January to anyone who is owed $10 CAD or more. There is no initial

Every poem published in this and all
Wax Poetry and Art publications
qualifies for the
Wax Poetry and Art Readers Choice prize of $50 CAD.
When your work is published, share the link with your social network.
The poem receiving the most unique page views during the calender
year of publication, of all poems published on the
Wax Poetry and Art
, will be awarded a prize of $50 CAD. Poems published after
December 1st will be included in the next year's competition. Please note,
the eight finalists for the
Wax Poetry and Art Poetry World Cup are not
eligible for this prize, as they will participate in their own Readers Choice

The poet also grants the publisher the right to publish parts or all of the
work on third party platforms such as Facebook and other social media,
specifically for the purpose of sharing the work with more people, and
considering the evolving and experimental nature of the Internet.

The editor reserves the right to make whatever changes are deemed
necessary, at any time, to ensure that publication occurs. Unless an
error has been made, the editor's decision is final.

Submissions must include:
-Agreement statement: "I agree with the submission guidelines for the
special project, Poems for Occasions."
-Poem (titled, 35 lines maximum).
-Biography, maximum 100 words, including social media and www links,
if applicable.
-Your complete postal mailing address including street address, city,
province, country, and postal code.

The entire submission (agreement statement, poem, biography, and
mailing address) must be copied and pasted into the body of a single
email and sent to the email address shown below. Do not include any
part of your submission in an attachment.

For the subject header of your submission email, use, "Poems for
Occasions:", followed by the occasion that is the topic of the poem. For
example, "Poems for Occasions: Christmas" or "Poems for Occasions:
Retirement", etc. Send your submission
by email to:

Send questions and comments by email to

About the Editor
Kirk Ramdath is the publisher and editor of Wax Poetry and Art, Eleventh
Transmission, and other publications. He has been a poet and publisher
since 2005, originally in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His first book
Love in a Handful of Dust. Kirk now lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia.
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