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"sur le balcon de la meuse, namur, belgique" by Mia Balsley


Title image shows a blonde-haired woman in a black leather jacket looking toward a fast moving, blurred street in front of her.

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Published January 1st, 2023

sur le balcon de la meuse, namur, belgique

by Mia Balsley
(Santa Cruz, California, USA)

construction worker
decked in neon hue
deceptively blends in,
a bright milieu,
more so than poodle
dog and poodle woman
in beige
and alabaster.

trotting in step,
the two-man
marching band
wins the showmanship award
& hastens on,
headset on discharged
no time for
meandering (de flâner).

our protagonist in green (atomic number 10)
begins his performance,
halts in his step,
head&heart the obverse
of marching band champions.

he watches the swans as he lays out his soul
and our hearts are happy.
there are many ways to

&smell the roses.

Mia Balsley is a 20 year-old German-American studying Applied Linguistics at UCSC. Mia's dream in second grade was to become a poet when she grew up. For career day, she dressed up how she pictured a poet to look: in her dad's newspaper boy cap and glasses, with books under her arm. Mia is grateful for poetry as a form of expression, therapy, and activism.

This poem is included in Poetry World #5, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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