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Published April 27, 2019
First Place: Calgary Poetry Contest #2
Rowing Across the North Atlantic
by Barbara E. Hunt
(Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
Published April 27, 2019
Top Calgary Poet: Calgary Poetry Contest #2
Phases of the Moon
by Pamela Medland
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
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Published December 16, 2019
First Place: Poets of Western Canada Contest #1
Sweetgrass Elegy: Oral Tradition in Verse
by Rich Rodgers
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Published June 29, 2020
First Place: Poets of Western Canada Contest #2
Sleeping Beaten
by Melissa Moose
Published August 3, 2020
Calgary Poetry Magazine - Regular Submission
Pine, Prettier than Geranium
by Banafsheh M. Nasab
Published December 31, 2020
Featured Local Poet
from a sickbed
by James Thurgood