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Poetry Contest #9 Results

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1st -
"On Our Birthdays" by Kathy Fisher.
2nd -
"Finders" by Kathy Fisher.
3rd -
"Adam Never Ate the Fruit" by Sharon Goodier.

Seven Runners Up (In random order)
-"Later Trains" by Anna Yin.
"The Odyssey" by Anna Yin.
"Wash Away" by Catherine A. MacKenzie.
"Disrupting Chronology and Definitions" by J. J. Steinfeld.
"through spaces between words" by Jovan Vuksanovich.
"Biauguraphy" by Luke R. J. Maynard.
"A Mighty Insult (Upon an Anthology of Canadian Poetry)" by Luke R. J. Maynard.

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Later Trains

In our last call we talked about weather.
Spring is finally here and I forgave the long winter.
I intended not to mention those cold nights —
I moon-watered your poems.
They flowed into my veins, softening
my snow-buried garden…
No point to worry you,
I remarked that the wintersweet bloomed
…I could send you some shoots.

We two are orphans.
I remember a precious diary given to me
for my eighteenth birthday, so delicate and exquisite.
I wrote in it and saved it for you.
My handwriting still hasn’t become better;
my best poems haven’t arrived.
The diary grew out-of-date and eventually was lost.

Our call ended with Mary Oliver’s line,
poems are ropes to let down for the lost…

It is late here.
Below my window, night trains come and go.
I catch shadows of wings that only soar in dreams.

The Odyssey

We meet in your poems
where an open canal is built…
an extensive bridge is created.

Dreams trapped in time towers,
thin and transparent,
light is the anchor -
coming through
not bending as in gothic buildings
or kaleidoscoped with mosaic magic.

Our path is illumined -
tracing migrant ancestors,
the beginning of a world,
the myth of life…
circling in and out like a winged spiral…

“What is past, or passing, or to come?”
I call upon you.
Wave upon wave,
sirens sing
among line

Anna Yin has five poetry books and won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial
Award, two MARTY Awards and the 2013 Professional Achievement Award
from CPAC etc. Her poems and translations appear on Arc Poetry, New
York Times, China Daily, CBC Radio, Poetry in Transit and Canadian
Studies textbook used by Humber College etc. Her “Poetry Alive” events
combining computer arts and audience participation are welcomed at
schools, colleges and libraries, especially for the Poets in Schools Program.
Anna is Ontario representative for the League of Canadian Poets and 2015
International Feature Poet at the Austin International Poetry Festival. Her
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*Poetry Contest #9 Runner Up*

Poetry by Anna Yin

Later Trains
The Odyssey
Published October 24, 2015

Poetry Contest #10
Cover Art / Photo Contest
First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Poetry (Special Project)