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"Last Known Address" by Angela Bourne


Title image shows a winter city view of light rail on a bridge crossing a frozen river.

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Published September 1, 2022

Last Known Address

by Angela Bourne
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

You won't find me
burrowed beneath your skin
waiting to be told who I'm allowed to be
Or torching the best parts of myself
to keep you warm
You won't see me
shrinking to let you be tall
Or questioning if I'm worthy
of all the grand things
life has to offer
You captured me once
a firefly in a jar
anticipating I'd lose my flutter
But brilliance doesn't tame easy
and rocky roads only trip you
if you let them
There's no place that can break me
because I live inside myself

Angela Bourne: I am a full-time paralegal, part-time writer, and mother to 3 amazing humans who teach me about everything I never knew before. I believe in kindness, good energy, and following your heart. I started writing at a young age as a way to share my feelings with myself, now I share my writing in hopes that my words will help even one person feel less alone.

This poem is included in Poetry World #4, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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