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"Those Who Dare" by Adam Stefaniec


Title image shows a winter city view of light rail on a bridge crossing a frozen river.

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Published May 1, 2022

Those Who Dare

by Adam Stefaniec
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

It's dark yet warm, I now retire.
I shed my masks into the pyre.
Brave spirits call me, "Come out from hiding.
No need to brace, you've done your fighting!"

So many things I've left unfurled, I'll miss all my devotions.
To you I leave eternal kisses, my darling little girl
My friends will find no peace, it's written on their faces

For together we moved mountains, together in dark places
Together we moved mountains, concluding hidden Aces

As time turns ever endless, I now can see the way
Now listen deeply, close friend of mine
You now will hear my say!

Follow this guidance sternly, I pray you hear my thought
Your destiny yet written, for this and all I fought

Don't let your spirit falter, take time, let senses stray,
Unbind your grey horizon, look forward from this day.
Go home and find your purpose, so little time we've got
Feel little hands around your ankles, embrace this gift I sought.

Enjoy all godly creatures,
Give thanks to self for crying.
Wounded hearts will heal again,
New paths, new truths, new features.

Cease enabling your tunnel vision from pushing past your goals.
Let fresh new substance replace spent wishes,
Forgive those shattered souls.

Not much left, I've had my say,
And gives thanks from my dear heart.
Just one last bit before I sleep,
Forever I depart.

Our lives we often take for granted, our lives we seldom cherish.
Make haste this once, look wide and far...

...before you too perish.

My name is Adam Stefaniec. I am formally of One Combat Engineer Regiment. But more importantly... I'm a CHIMO. I am an 8-year Canadian military Combat Engineer veteran. Background for this poem: My best friend and long time military army buddy, Corporal Dustin Wasden was killed amongst two other brothers in 2008 August 20th by an IED in Afghanistan. My website: vagrenthfnx.com

This poem is included in Poetry World #3, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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