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Poetry by Honey Novick

Men, What Will You Create?
Good News
Published January 7, 2017
Eleventh Transmission.
Eleventh Transmission: Poetry by Honey Novick
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Men, What Will You Create?

If men were gardeners
And women, the beautiful flowers they tended,
That would be naïve, wishful thinking –
Because ALL people want to be cared for.
In truth, both men and women are the flowers of creation.
Each gender is given love and warmth from the sun,
Nourishment from the rain,
Grounded ness from the earth, and
Resiliency from the winds.
Just WHEN did one gender start to dominate the other?
The man’s seed is implanted and embraced
By female fluids, then recreated into their own image.
This is the law of the universe.
MEN, when did you stop believing in your true selves?
Monuments erected in the male shape of towers,
Spires, monoliths, beget a misguided immortality.
It is a disconnection of the senses.
Wars, violence, genocide are produced.
MEN, you have created this.
By greed, arrogance and stupidity
A semblance of a world meant to be shared
And shared alike was thwarted.
Would a mother allow her child to be nailed
To a wooden beam and then call it a new religion?
Men possess qualities of beauty, vulnerability,
Kindness, and an ability to love unconditionally.
I know – that was my father’s gift to me.

MEN –the future of the world lies within your heart.
WOMEN – wrest back the authority to show them the way.
The struggle for equality is meaningless
Unless connected to the liberty for all others.

Good News

I have some good news I want to share
Good news is something really rare
Monday November 26, 2-0-1-2,
a day in history important and true

The place is New York City
where things can be somewhat somber or witty
so listen up and listen well
November 26, 2-0-1-2 is the day when NO
crimes to tell

10:25 p.m. November 25, 2-0-1-2
was the last reported shooting giving the clue
that no stabbing, shooting or slashing
happened for a 24 hour period, isn’t this news smashing?

No one could remember a time in history when
New York City had no recorded violence, what a mystery.
Usually statistics report about 290 crimes a day
luckily this momentous time no lives had to pay

This kind of hiatus isn’t expected to last
There never has been a no-violence day in the past
Too many people, too many trying to survive
living in an metropolis, ambling to stay alive

The next reported shot happened Tuesday 11:20 a.m.
a 27 year old man was part of the mayhem
no, violence wasn’t expected to last and surely it didn’t
after 24 hours the slashing, stabbing or shooting wasn’t hidden

But good news isn’t trivial, good news must be shared
November 26, 2-0-1-2 is the day that some one cared
enough to note: energy is changing, people are slowing down
and this is one day to celebrate a magnificent, vibrant town

Where were you on this remarkable day?
Do you know it is significant in another way?
Monday, November 26, 2-0-1-2
is a day to celebrate more than red white or blue
because on this very same day and very same time
historically, more people were recorded shopping on-line
Could there be a connection between shopping and violence?
Could there be a reason for this no-violence silence?

I don’t know, and I can’t say
but Monday, November 26, 2-0-1-2, is a day
of no stabbings, slashing or shooting
it is a day more things were bought than reported looting
What a wonderful way to note this interesting date
what a great day in history, one we can all celebrate!!!

Honey Novick is a singer/songwriter/voice teacher/poet living in Toronto.
Her newest CD is "Milton Acorn and the Free Speech Movement", a 17
minute spoken word piece accompanied by jazz band, available from  She collaborates with bill bissett
and has sung with George Elliott Clarke.
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