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Pa Washes His Motor

Pa washes his motor three times a day,
He sleeps in it sometimes; he has never been home for so long yet
    so far away
He must miss the meaningless chats with strangers; he must miss
    drunk-cursing reckless drivers and cheap passengers
Ma sits by the window at exactly sunrise wondering if this is how
    we all die, without the anticipated screams, fire and chaos
I can tell she counts the grains of rice in our plates; she keeps a
    calendar too for when our food runs out, I think we have until
    21st May
She turns the radio on at exactly 6:05am,
Her body earthquakes at the news of more deaths.
Even with a whipping from Pa, my older brother used to go out; he
    held up placards and taunted the military men at our junction
His placard read: ‘We will all meet in hell; heaven wants no virus there.’
The men beat him to veins now he sits in the room plotting a coup d’état
I sincerely doubt my sister knows the world has changed; she has
    been on the phone, laughing at patient zero jokes
We pray every night with nose masks and gloves; Ma said the angels
    won’t join us if we look contagious
We pray for the paramedics and cleaners at the hospitals
We pray for the military men , we pray for all the people carrying the
We pray for the ignorant people who don’t stay at home, we pray for
    our leaders to make good decisions so the country can afford
    the virus.
For all this I couldn’t care less I stay in my bed with a picture of my late
    girlfriend, the virus got her
We always wanted to go to South Africa, I have quarantined those
That’s enough, I have locked down my tears.

My name is Yvery Rosemary Anthony, I am a Ghanaian. I live in
Ghana, Accra. I am currently enrolled in the University of Ghana
as a business administration student, in her first year. My Instagram
handle is psycho_.maniac.

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Previously published in
Eleventh Transmission:
"Glancing" by Vidushi Narang.

Published June 29, 2020

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic

Pa Washes His Motor

by Yvery Rosemary Anthony
(Accra, Ghana)
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