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Wax Poetry and Art Magazine
"Canada's art magazine".
ISSN 2292-0943. Quarterly.
Volume 3, Number 5. June 2014.
Published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Publisher and Managing Editor: Kirk Ramdath.
Editors: Alyson Fortowsky (Fiction), Jeff Cruz (Photography), and Kirk Ramdath (Poetry)
Mailing address and telephone: Inquire by email.
Cover image: "Uninterrupted View" by Hiro Kobayashi.
Submissions are open to residents of Canada only.

The Letter from the Editor.

Contributor Biographies - Click names to go to a page with that artist's work.
Aaron Peterson / Visual Art / Calgary, Alberta. Aaron is a painter living in Calgary, AB.
He is currently a member of the Art Point Studio Society and is also creatively involved in
music as a member of the hiphop duo, Retros Finest.

Allison Grayhurst / Poetry / Toronto, Ontario. Allison is a full member of the League of
Canadian Poets. She has over 300 poems published in more than 180 international
journals, magazines, and anthologies. Her book Somewhere Falling was published by
Beach Holme Publishers in Vancouver in 1995. Since then she has published ten other
books of poetry and four collections with Edge Unlimited Publishing. Her poetry
chapbook The River is Blind was recently published by Ottawa publisher above/ground
press December 2012. She lives in Toronto with family. She also sculpts, working with

Bob MacKenzie / Poetry and Spoken Word / Kingston, Ontario. Canadian Poet Bob
MacKenzie grew up in various communities in Southern Alberta’s parklands and the
foothills of The Rockies. He began his writing career in Calgary, where he worked at The
Calgary Herald and where his first book was published.  Experiencing traditional poetry
readings as less than interesting, throughout his career Bob has presented his words as
theatrical performance, often with musical accompaniment.  Bob is widely published in
journals, literary magazines, and anthologies across North America and as far away as
Australia and India.  Performing his poems and lyrics with the group Poem de Terre, he’s
also released six albums.

Candice James / Poetry / New Westminster, British Columbia. Candice James, Poet
Laureate of New Westminster, BC and member of New West Artists, has written with
vivid imagery for years and has recently moved into the medium of creative painting.

Don Portelance / Visual Art / Coquitlam, British Columbia. Don Portelance began his
formal art education at night classes in the Vancouver School of Art. In 1976 he
completed a year of Post-Graduate studies in Lithography at the Vancouver School of
Art, and in 1997 completed Simon Fraser University graduate field studies on Queen
Charlotte Islands focusing on the Art and Culture of the Haida Indians. From 1958 to the
present Portelance has focused on teaching art, and has continued an active exhibition
schedule. Presently he continues to be employed in the Education Department at the
University of Victoria, and also teaches artistically gifted young adults for Place des Arts
in Coquitlam.

Dwayne Morgan / Poetry and Spoken Word / Toronto, Ontario. Dwayne has performed
for the former Governor General of Canada, The Honourable Michaelle Jean, the late
leader of the NDP, Jack Layton, and has shared the stage with many of Canada’s top
artists including Russell Peters, Deborah Cox, Kardina Offishal, Jully Black, K-OS, and
Nelly Furtado, while opening for international artists Alicia Keys, Linton Kwesi Johnson,
Mutabaruka, Ursula Rucker, Colin Channer, and Saul Williams, and recording with
Canadian artists including Grammy nominee, Drake. Dwayne’s work ethic has taken him
across Canada, the United States, Jamaica, Barbados, England, Scotland, Belgium,
Budapest, Germany, France, Norway, and Holland. His emphasis on quality has driven
his success, and has made him a well-respected component of Toronto’s urban music
community, as well as the North American, and Global, spoken word scenes.

Dymphny Dronyk / Poetry / Calgary, Alberta. Dymphny Dronyk is a writer, editor,
mediator and mother. She is passionate about the magic of story and has woven words
for money (journalism, corporate writing) and for love (poetry, fiction, drama, mystery
novels and songs) for more than 25 years. Her first volume of poetry
(Frontenac House, 2007) was short listed for two prestigious awards in
2008. She is the co-publisher of House of Blue Skies, and co-editor of two bestselling
poetry anthologies. She is co-editor/co-publisher of The Calgary Project – A City Map in
Verse and Visual (House of Blue Skies & Frontenac House Poetry, 2014). Dymphny is a
founding member of the RE:act Art & Community Together Collective, Past President of
the Writers Guild of Alberta, and currently serves as the President of the League of
Canadian Poets National Council.

Gavin Logan / Haiku / Calgary, Alberta. I am Gavin Liam Logan; I teach English
Language Arts at the senior high school level at Notre Dame High School in Calgary’s
northeast.  I have been writing poetry actively for 15 years, and am currently in the
process of finalizing some edits before sending my babies into the world.  I think that the
haiku is a profound, yet sometimes intrinsically cynical form of expression. I am
a musical theatre enthusiast, and I also sing with Calgary’s premier music ensemble,
Revv52.  I enjoy acting, exercising my brain and body, and watching Star Trek.  

Hiro Kobayashi / Photography / Calgary, Alberta. Hiro is a landscape and portrait
photographer residing in Calgary. He first grabbed a camera when he was 22 years old
(How many years ago?). Hiro moved to Canada in 2000 and in 2008, he bought a digital
camera since his beloved cameras including one made in 1955 were stolen. Ever since
Hiro has lived in Calgary, he has been drawn to the Canadian Rockies and visits them
whenever he has a chance. His approach is to spend a lot of time wandering around an
area and then look for the things that inspire him, rather than planning ahead and
photographing the iconic spots. Hiro won photographic artist of year 2014, Image Salon
National photo competition by Professional Photographers of Canada.

Juleta Severson-Baker / Poetry / Calgary, Alberta. Incarnate is Juleta Severson-Baker's
first full book of poetry. Published in 2013 by Frontenac House Press, it is an exploration
of how desire and memory can be made substantial through image and form. The book
was short-listed for both the Gerald Lampert and W.O Mitchell awards.

kerry rawlinson / Visual Art / Peachland, British Columbia. Over 3 decades ago, kerry
emigrated to Canada from Zambia with husband and children, putting aside artistic and
literary aspirations for a career that took her to many places, literally and figuratively. She
has recently relocated to the Okanagan valley to begin weaving together the fuzzy,
patient threads of her life's full circle. She is published / upcoming (both poetry & artwork)
3Elements Review; Unshod Quills; War, Literature & the Arts; Lantern Journal; winner
Postcards, Poems & Prose “drawkcaB” 2013 Contest; winner in 2013 Ascent
Aspirations Anthology Contest
; finalist in Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest 2013. Photo
artwork in
Qwerty; The Centrifugal Eye.

Mel Long / Visual Art / Calgary, Alberta. Mel Long hails from Calgary Alberta where she
works as a teacher and an artist. She holds a Bachelor of Art from the Alberta College of
Art and Design, and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary. Despite all
of her time spent in Calgary, Long, is an avid traveler and draws most of her inspiration
from ephemeral moments of time along her journeys. Currently she is pursuing a career
in teaching which parallels her work as a studio artist. She is interested in the
intersection between creativity and intuition and strives to foster these aspects of one’s
imagination in her peers and students alike.

Piotr Pawlowski / Poetry / Perth, Ontario. Piotr Pawlowski currently writes from Perth,
Ontario.  His poetry has been published in various anthologies including
, Blue Skies, and NoD Magazine.  He is an organic farmer by trade.

Rona Altrows is a fiction writer, essayist and editor. She is the author of two short story
A Run on Hose and Key in Lock, and the children's chapbook The River
Throws a Tantrum
. With Naomi K. Lewis, she is co-editor of Shy, an anthology of writers'
essays and poetry exploring their own shyness. Rona Altrows's website is

Sarah Kelly / Poetry / Calgary, Alberta. Originally from Newfoundland, Sarah Kelly is a
musician and artist, currently studying at ACAD in Calgary.  With a focus on the
grotesque, her work deals with the body and its metaphysical being, and how we share
this existence with those around us.

Sharlena Wood / Visual Art / Kingston, Ontario. Sharlena Wood is a visual artist, fine art
body painter, and sought after art educator with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit and
joyful approach to life. Her work is inspired by her deep connection to the natural world
and is published, commissioned and privately collected.

Sophia Szeto / Visual Art / Vancouver, British Columbia. Sophia Szeto is a Vancouver
based graphic designer and illustrator. After graduating from ACAD, she has spent most
of her career in design but every so often she gets a rush of creativity that inspires her to
draw and paint. Most of her drawings start off as doodles that transform. Even though
her drawings often showcase a childlike innocence to them, colouring between the lines
is not her style.  

Spokken Musiq / Spoken Word / Hamilton, Ontario. Since his first recording in 2006
Spokken Musiq has created over 120 poetry recordings. He has collaborated with artists
like Chris Jackson (“Kisses below the waist” & “Sqweaks of the bed”) and Jachin James
(“I shouldn’t feel for you like this REMIX”). His first album was independently released.

Stephanie Damus / Visual Art / Calgary, Alberta. Artist Statement: Creating is an inner
process for me that often results in vibrant illustrations that communicate narratives,
ideas or feelings to the viewer. I begin my work by focusing on one area and moving on
from that place only to return and rework the piece in increments. My subject matter is
often instinctive and I can only see a pattern when looking reflectively at my work. I have
a natural instinct and interest in animals, and their relation to me, or better stated, their
symbolic meaning in my life. Often, the images I create are driven by emotion; and this is
influenced by the impact of my surroundings and the happenings of everyday life. The
act of being creative is the outlet used to communicate my subconscious.
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