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Changing Taste Buds

It begins as I tiptoe into our kitchen cove
Where the unclean has combined with the uncooked
To be piled upon castles of already constructed waste,
And there, in this impregnable membrane of mess
Is where he resides, lying couch bound,
He is a desolate landscape of inescapable pauses
My roadblock conundrum of awkward interactions,
The scent of dried ice lingers off his person, staining his nostrils
With reminders of two days ago
When his mind melted into a
Marshmallow, and paranoid pollution pushed his eyes
To flee from the comfort of sweet sleep,
As night gave way to day so too did disturbance
Give way to police presence   
Summoned by each room exhaling in a rage,
Now he eats from a banquet bowl of creamy cool yoghurt
To ice his heated nerves,
Consumption is the golden rule, whatever the time of day,
I brace for a staccato conversation that hangs lose
On frayed string,
But I receive velvet manors
And a lax tongue
Sprinkled with honesty,
It’s an Infectious morning flavour,
Even his eyes have the innocence of a wounded animal,
A new manifesto propping them up, his words a collage of
Spirituality and enlightenment,
His mission is self-evolution, like mine,
We embrace and say good luck and goodbye
Only now
In a goodbye
Could we taste what was sitting behind the other’s eyes.

My name is S. M. Watson. I have been a script reader for various
US and UK film production companies. I studied at The Royal Central
School of Speech and Drama. I'm a playwright and screenwriter.

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Previously published in
London Poetry Magazine:
Poetry by Georgia Grimes.

Published June 8, 2020

Poets of England Contest #1 - First Place

Changing Taste Buds

by S. M. Watson
(Uttoxoter, Staffordshire, England)
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