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-Love in a Handful of Dust- by Kirk Ramdath
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part one: the memory of water
2. onion of love
3. switzerland
4. jealously is worse than witchcraft
5. electron love
6. burnt rice
7. babel death star
8. as seen on tv
9. poverty
10. the lone citizen
11. thoughtwave
12. a suitable tribute
13. once more unto the beach
14. lost and found in the desert
15. thursday morning at shambhala
16. marquez could do you justice (but for now the task is mine)

17. part two: the lust for dust
18. a word about cunt
19. bliss
20. panty poem
21. woman, i love
22. montreal
23. friday night at shambhala
24. night moves
25. unsent
26. more
27. love in a handful of dust
Love in a Handful of Dust: Table of Contents
- ii -
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