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Published December 10, 2017

On the Colour Blue

by Chloe Lalonde

Spin off of Garcia Lorca’s “Sleepwalking Ballad”

Blue, how I want you blue
Strip the blue cloak from the sky
to fasten yourself a robe,
or an envelope to hide you away.

The water, black and clear
transparent, or simply reflecting
the absence of the heavens.

The blue in his eyes,
the woe in the empty sky,
blue fruits and blueberries
don’t seem to grow.

Blue is prime,
it is in everyone,
making up every colour,
freezing over all that it touches.

Blue is the fuzz in your pocket,
the paint on your knee,
the tint in your eyes,
and the colour of your veins.

Blue is above,
and in the depths below.
It is sadness,
the basis of everything that grows.


by Chloe Lalonde

Epithet of Demeter,
A green shoot
Blossoming foliage,

Long sips of whiskey
On rocks,
Algae clings
Onto a last hope

Before falling away,
To drown and be
Dragged down the current,
Through the river Ganges,
Through the gods' dreading hair,
Spilling to water the world.
Nourishing it.

Let the green shoots grow,
Let the flowers and plants blossom.
The god moves swiftly,
Streaking red through the field.
Disappearing into darkness.

Two Us

by Chloe Lalonde

I can picture you so well in my mind when you aren't with me

Every crevasse and mountain.

A blue sea lies in your eyes,
A part of another world,
I want to merge with
Simply observe

Beside you, a rope connects our two worlds,
our souls

Forming a tight bridge
I tiptoe carefully across,
Meeting you halfway,
We walk together in a new direction.

This wouldn't exist without you,
Without us, everything would be different.

The thought scares me,
I close my eyes, and imagine myself melting into you, your arms around
 me, like they should.

Your skin against mine,

For the past two years, our world's continue to intertwine, and grow into
 thick beanstalks.

I hope they will disappear into the clouds, and we'll climb together,
 adventure to the top.
Leaving the construction and chaos behind.

My name is Chloe Lalonde and I'm a student at Dawson college in Montreal,
Qc. I pride myself not only in what is written, but in the way I have crafted
the structure of my works.

Three Poems by Chloe Lalonde
(Laval, Québec)

On the Colour Blue
Two Us
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