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"Slaves or Survivors" by Roxana Shamsabadi


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Published September 1, 2021

Slaves or Survivors

by Roxana Shamsabadi
(Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada)

Being a kid I was misunderstood
Years went on where I thought I couldn't
Often times we reminisce
Brightening our past like a lover's kiss
Whilst the future we foresee
Is like a vast ocean or a small sea
Each one of us has a vision
The big apple or the little pond?
In life, there are categories
Strange ways to cause false beliefs
To divide amongst the men, the women
The children even
Heading towards the dark night of the soul
Honestly, it's the best way to go
Illumination is necessary
To fill the dark spots within and become whole
The moon shining bright in the sky with clarity
Shows us exactly who we are.. but not why
Or how
Or when
Or what
Absolutely nothing can be controlled
The results will never be what is expected
So instead of feeling pulled
Work on your self-love and self-respect
Focus on staying fit, spiritually
And mentally
And emotionally
And physically
But especially - psychologically
We are either slaves to our minds
Or survivors in this game called life.

Roxana Shamsabadi: I've always had a knack for writing. It started more than a decade ago, when I was a young child, where I would create these wonderful stories of all kinds wether at school or home, simply by using my imagination. I slowly transitioned to poetry and I truly believe it helps me deal with my feelings, my emotions... my life, really; to express myself creatively and artistically in a healthy manner. It is my therapy.

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