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"Setting Things Aside for the Time Being" by Jacob Miller-Chapin


Title image shows a time-lapse photo of a city street at night, with bright lights streaking as if in motion.

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Published January 1st, 2023

Setting Things Aside for the Time Being

by Jacob Miller-Chapin
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

The Time Being
has one face with many hands.
Unafraid of the fight,
the Time Being
cares not
for our plans.
Just out of sight,
the source of the light,
time flows
through the Time Being's lands.

Hoping that we'll dance,
the Time Being sings
of consequence and chance;
a lullaby of love
from a voice of shifting sands.
Though song does not reveal
what the Time Being understands,
understanding is tangential
to the change
that it commands.

All the while,
all the when, and why, and how,
are set aside.
It is now
that the Time Being demands.

My name is Jacob Miller-Chapin. I am a resident of Montreal, a graduate of McGill University, and a tender to my garden. I haven't anything I've loved doing as much as I love people, both learning from and being with, and poetry is a tool that I use to help me better understand all the things I can't quite seem to say. If it interests you, more of my work can be found at

This poem is included in Poetry World #5, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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