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Published September 1, 2021

Questions and Wishes

by Alozie Chigozirim Ekene
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Tell me something dear,
Are you tired of everything in this world?
And are you still trying to fill that void?
Or is there something that you're searching for?
Have you been longing for change?
Yet everything seems to remains the same?
It seems to you like you're nowhere near the shallows,
So deep and far back, you can't even notice your own shadow.

Is there always someone there to replace you?
Just because you're scared to portray the real you?
Do you think to the world it's fair?
Especially when everyone is waiting,
For you to stand tall, to speak up and contribute your share?
But deep inside, all you feel is fear.

There's a whole world out there,
So much bigger than your room or bed,
So much brighter than your thoughts or tears.
All I want is for you take my hand,
And see the world for yourself, not just through my eyes.
For you to make for yourself a name,
Not to ever walk with your head down in shame.

You could make the world your puppet,
Without lifting a hand or causing a racket.
Just want you to realize and see,
That the mystery behind who you are,
Is so big, beautiful and powerful,
Free from impurities, it just needs to unravel.
Oh, how I wish you could just believe.
Just so you know, you and I,
We're going to be just fine.

I am Alozie Chigozirim Ekene, a poet, writer, content creator, and editor. I love movies (action and horror) and games (adventure). Instagram: @lifeofkayla_kendall.

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