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"Black Woman" by Meshack Ifada


Title image shows a well-dressed man standing motionless on the street while a yellow vehicle blurs past him.

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Published September 1, 2022

Black Woman

by Meshack Ifada
(Lagos, Nigeria)

Black woman, light and warmth of my days
Beneath your shielding eyes, I'm growing
The customaries and culture of our name 'black'
Your crisp comfy hands tutor me, and
The feathers are stone hard, if assessed to them

Adorned in your lustrous melanin pelt
And jingling bangles, stringing beads, entwined
Nature's nooks, collaborates in your beauty praising hymns
Honoured are the soils, to carry your elegant feet

Selflessness, are sweats that glisten on your skin
Loyalty, are blood running through your veins
Come what may weather, common or not to man
Like the bone to the body, always you are to your lambs
What more empathy can thou not melt to this battered pack?

Aren't mere sprains of your children, spurs your sleepless nights?
Except hunger, nothing smacks them before you
Your obdurate love for your spawn, none can dissolve
Dwarf is a mountain of gold to your height

Black woman, reflective from your skin are essentials of life
And your path is sage, trialed by sages
The antecedent of your uniqueness, like the ocean
I hope to immortalise

Meshack Ifada, young poet, hails from the southern part of Nigeria, Edo state. Currently residing with his parents and siblings in Lagos, Nigeria. An aspiring Poet, he is a thinker and dreamer. He believes if mankind should practice " synergy " there'd be a speedy curb to the menace lingering in our society. You may reach him on his social Media handles, Meshack Ifada on Facebook and Instagram, respectively.
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This poem is included in Poetry World #4, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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