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Published July 31, 2018


by Bahynskyi Bohdan Dmytrovych

It was noon. The briefing was over and everything was settled – the ritual
was to be performed the next day at afternoon. I went out to the deck.
Even though I still was young, I’ve been Big Man’s general for a long time.
I did terrible things. It  was tearing me up. And when I walked out of
headquarters I had that feeling splashing out of me… I couldn’t do it
anymore…  At that point I knew I’ll be going for a way out.  When it was
the place and time I accelerated towards the board and jumped over it
head down. I understood I’d be shot the moment I show up at the surface
or get caught and turned back to Him which was worse. ‘To hell with that
ship’ crossed my mind. Deepness was the only way for me. It was getting
hard. My lungs clenched without air, but I knew I was getting close. And
then I saw it -  the hemisphere on the slope. When I was… almost there…
I blacked out…

I opened my eyes inside the underwater base resting at the bottom of that
oceanic waste.  Completely deserted, it was waiting, ready to give a
shelter to someone like me, a passenger lost enough to find himself in that
forsaken part of the world. It had everything I needed to survive.

Next day something happened on the ship. It seemed to me like I’ve heard
muted sound of shots and screams, even though it wasn’t possible as I
was isolated from the upper world with thick layers of steel and resistless
pillar of water. I came up to the round window and saw dozens of dead
bodies slowly go down leaving behind red diffusing traces.

My name is Bohdan. I’m 21 years old. I live in Ukraine. I’m a student. I
write poetry in Ukrainian and English, I also do translations. I’m getting
started with prose too.

Winner: The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest #8


by Bahynskyi Bohdan Dmytrovych
(Malyn, Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine)
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