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Contest Status: Closed. This contest is currently closed.

The Monthly Black & White Photo Contest is a free, fun, monthly photo
contest. Submissions are accepted from everywhere on Earth.

Published and edited by Kirk Ramdath.

A project of
Wax Poetry and Art.

Read submission guidelines carefully.

All persons entering this contest will be added to the mailing list for The
Monthly Black & White Photo Contest. You will receive an email when the
winner of this contest is published. You can unsubscribe. If you remain on
the list, you will receive notice every time a new winner is published.  

Submission Guidelines
This a free contest, and the prize is publication.

Submissions open the first day of every month and close on the last day of
every month. The winner will be published during the following month.

Submissions are open to everyone on Earth.

Submit up to three black & white photos in JPEG format, 300 dpi, with a
minimum size of 1200 on the short side.

Your submission must include:
-Photo(s) as attachments
-In the body of the email, your biography or artist statement.
-In the body of the email, your mailing address.

There is no required theme.

You can submit photos that are already published or that are currently
submitted elsewhere.

Photos should have minor edits only. Titles are encouraged but are not
necessary. Mention if special techniques are used, such a time lapse.

Photos must be original to the submitter and contain no material to which
the photographer does not own the copyright & also contain no material
which the photographer does not have permission to photograph.

Winning The Monthly Black & White Photo Contest
The winner of each contest will be published during the month following
the close of each contest. The winner will be viewable for free online in
Phoenix Photo&Fiction. A print of the photo will also be made available for
sale. Details and price to be determined. The photographer receives a 15%
royalty on print sales. Artist Copies will be available for purchase.
Royalties are not received for Artist Copies.

Send Your Submission by Email
For the subject header of your email, use "The Monthly Black & White Photo

Send your submission including photo(s), biography or artist statement, and
mailing address
by email to

Publisher and Editor
Kirk Ramdath is a poet and publisher and lover of literature and art. He
publishes and edits
Wax Poetry and Art and all related publications,
Phoenix Photo&Fiction. His first collection of poems is Love in a
Handful of Dust, which can be read for free in the Wax Poetry and Art
Bookstore & Free Library.

Send questions and comments
by email to
The Monthly Black & White Photo Contest
Phoenix Photo&Fiction.
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