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Phoenix Photo&Fiction publishes the winners of The Monthly Photo Contest
and The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest.

Phoenix Photo&Fiction is a project of Wax Poetry and Art. Published and
edited by Kirk Ramdath.

Read guidelines for submitting to both contests, below.

All persons entering these contests will be added to the mailing list for that
particular contest. You will receive an email when the winner of the contest is
published. At that time, you can unsubscribe. If you remain on the list, you will
receive notice every time a new winner is published.  

Submission Guidelines
These are free contests, and the prize is publication.

Wax Poetry and Art gains the right to publication in the manner specified in
each contest, as well as the right to republish the work in our anthologies,
either online or in print, without additional compensation or permission

Winning work will be made available for sale on this website. The artist will
receive a 15% royalty on prints sales, and a 50% royalty on electronic sales
(such as of .pdfs). If your work is included in a compilation or anthology that
generates revenue, royalties will be shared equally among artists based on
contribution. Payments will be made in January to anyone who is owed $10
CAD or more.

Read contest specific guidelines for:
The Monthly Flash Fiction Contest (Closed)
The Monthly Black & White Photo Contest (Closed)

Publisher and Editor.
Kirk Ramdath is a poet and publisher and lover of literature and art. He
publishes and edits
Wax Poetry and Art and all related publications,
Phoenix Photo&Fiction. His first collection of poems is Love in
a Handful of Dust, which can be read for free in the Wax Poetry and Art
Bookstore & Free Library.

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Phoenix Photo&Fiction.
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