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Show the World Your Love for Poetry
with the Bookmark / Sticker combo.
Wax Poetry and Art presents
Poetry Champions Cup 2020
- Win $1,000 + prizes
- Submission Guidelines
- Newest Ticket Winners
- Limited-Edition Poetry Card
Pre-order the Poetry Champions Cup Winner's Poetry Card
Pre-order the numbered, limited-edition Poetry Card for the winning
poem of the
Wax Poetry and Art Poetry Champions Cup 2020. The
championship Poetry Card will be published and mailed exclusively
to purchasers on December 7, 2020. The format is similar to a booklet-
sized greeting card. (The poem will be published online in
Wax Poetry
and Art
for everyone to read on December 25, 2020.) Shipping fee
comprises 25% of price shown.

Now Selling: Numbers 1 to 25.
Outside USA & Canada
$15 USD
$17 USD
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Item 1
The Bookmark / Sticker Combo
Show the world your love for
poetry. Get 2 bookmarks and
5 stickers for $5 in Canada
and $4 USD everywhere
else, plus shipping. Price
shown includes shipping fees.
What you get: 2 bookmarks and 5 stickers. (Click to view a larger image)
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Sticker action shot. See this incredible sticker in action. (Click to view a larger size.)
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Outside Can. & USA
$7 CAD
What you get.
Bookmark and sticker action photos.
Item 2