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First Place: The Weekly Poetry Contest #15

Where Poems Emerge From the Mist

by Bob R. J. Canuel
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Published November 5, 2017
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Where Poems Emerge From the Mist

by Bob Canuel

they were little things, like glimmers in a miner’s pan
sparkling in a high noon, that spoke in small voices
as each moment branded me and passed on;

family had left me bewildered and angry
so that, in wee hours, dream-ghosts treated with me
so my bleeding would be less public.

forlorn, I chased the blessings of confession
and lost when I learned that absolution
was chimeric and unavailable.

memories rose up, like headstones, and made
yesterday endlessly real and important
when it should, simply, have been laid to rest.

it was near dawn with an orange sun rising
when night dawdled and I hooked these lines,
like old and silver fish, and landed them on the page.

after the heat of their creation subsides,
I’ll cut and clean them with the eye and ear
of leeward years, where poems emerge from the mist.

Bob is now retired but he has been writing poetry since he was a teenager.
Over that time, he’s accumulated a large collection of poems inspired by life,
the universe and everything, to borrow a phrase from
A Hitchhiker’s Guide
to the Galaxy
. Married for over thirty years and formerly residents of
Ontario, he and this wife moved to Calgary last year where they both enjoy
the company of other writers and craftspeople. A frequent reader at open
mic’s, Bob’s ‘Observations of an Emerging Dementia’ was selected as the
winner of the Calgary Poetry Contest #1. He has also had two poems
published in the 90’s, in different anthologies, one titled ‘Alone’ and the other
‘When Summer Nights Simmer’ and several poems are being considered for
anthologies to be published next year.
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