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"Dark Forest" by Arthur Dick


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Published September 1, 2022

Dark Forest

by Arthur Dick
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

In a forest of dark trees
I found myself alone
lost in a moonless night
with only the stars for light
and the howl of distant wolves
for company.

I felt a presence,
and saw two yellow eyes
gleaming in the darkness
watching me.

Not knowing what to do,
I stood my ground,
and faced the creature
as it stepped out of the shadows
into the starlight.

The beast was large and wild,
and I knew it would kill me
if I ran.

So I stood my ground
and met its gaze,
until it turned away
and disappeared
into the darkness.

And I was left alive
in that dark forest
to find my way out
into the light.

Arthur Dick was born in 1983 in Calgary, Alberta. Music filled his life from the day he was born, which led to his passion for poetry. Visit his website at

This poem is included in Poetry World #4, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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