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Published January 1, 2022

Your Light

by Nadia Muhieddine
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Through trials and tribulations
From things that haunted your dreams at night
The things that all would judge you for
I saw passed. I saw your light
When no one understood you
for those who didn't deem us right
The ups, the downs, the smiles turned frown
Through it all, I saw your light
The tears would fall into your lap
And I would swim across that lake
I'd hold you through a million more tears
For I knew it was my fate
Feeling your pain helped you
And I tried to kiss away your fear
As much as the discomfort took hold
I would forever hold you dear
And when I filled my own lake
To what barely escaped the brim
I held on as long as I could
How could I not, it was for him
And when I could no longer explain to myself
Why I continue with this plight
Something told me hold on awhile longer
Because I saw your light
This life has dimmed, and forced us on paths
In which we dared to never go
And when the tears form in my eyes
It's hard to see the glow
For you have transitioned
Into the place - we all hope that is there
And I find I'm searching for your essence
Looking beyond, a gazing stare
And in those grateful moments,
And in the cotton candy night
I catch a glimpse, and feel the warmth
You surround me, all your light.

Nadia Muhieddine: I'm a Calgary native but not rooted to anywhere but everywhere. I go where the wind takes me or when some new, amazing opportunity pops up, I roll with it. Just taking life as it comes and make my choices, in everything, from inspiration. I'm here to experience, make connections and do something meaningful. Always on the path of expansion. And so grateful it's never ending.

This poem is included in Poetry World #2, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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