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"Mango Summer" by Krystle Duncombe


Title image shows a bowl of mangoes.

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Published January 1, 2023

Mango Summer

by Krystle Duncombe
(Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas)

Ya know summer comin' when ya see plenty green blossoms on da mango tree
Da tree hang with mangoes, plump, juicy, and ripe
Everywhere ya look, every yard gat a tree, man what a sight
Dis must be mango heaven, 'cause it could only be a dream
To see so many mangoes just floatin' in the air
Please, please neighbors, don't be mean
When ya bite, da sweet juice does run down ya chin
Only pros know how ta eat dem
I gern on Miss Susie Mae tree right na ta get me a few
Pulp and all, da seed does be clean
Some fa me, mammy, daddy, and cousin TuTu
Ya eat and eat til ya belly ache
Den ya go sprawl off under da mango tree til ya ready ta wake
Whether ya shake da tree, climb it like monkey or hit dem down wit' a stick
Ma boy, if dat ain't ya tree, make sure ya be quick
Some does teif from da neighbor dem yard
Don't let da branch be hanging over da fence in my part
Dey mines, 'specially when dey ripe
I like dem big set, yea dem juicy mangolas
Yea chile, dey my type
The birds, the racoons all the animals does be plottin'
Eyeing dem mango to get dem just before dey rotten
Summer ain't da same without da mango dem
Mango jam, mango tart, and mango chutney made by bougie Miss Kim
Don't forget da mango leaf tea to help with da gas
Just ask Miss Nancy, she does drink it daily
Could smell it boilin' whenever ya pass
The aroma lingers down da road all da way by Mr. Chris class
We like every season but summertime is da best
Ya could lay off and just eat wit' da mangoes pile up on ya chest
Plenty other native fruits to eat year round
But boy ain't none like dem mangoes
Dey take da crown!

Krystle Duncombe is a Bahamian creative writer. She is married and a mother of one daughter whom she teaches on a daily basis. Krystle is currently co-authoring an inspirational book set to be released soon. A God-fearing woman, Krystle intends to inspire others through her writing. Her goal is to use her love of writing to publish children's books about her beloved country. Her personal mantra is to positively impact every being and environment she encounters.

This poem is included in Poetry World #5, published in the Wax Poetry and Art Library.

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