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Published October 29, 2017

Poetry by Patrice M. Charles
(Tunapuna, Trinidad & Tobago)

We Eat Well

We Eat Well

by Patrice M. Charles

Giant Tongue
laps Cosmic Colours
into your mouth,
Sweeping Earth Elements.
When i suck it
it swells and grows
Allowing Full Feeding
and Exchange with me.
We Eat Well.


by Patrice M. Charles

The energetic soak
of immediate space breeds
Rancid sniffs of
Permeate, Permeate.
And daydreams shift
to other lands where
the ideal Dimension whispers,
“Like and Dislike are One.”


by Patrice M. Charles

We have all
the air of criminals-
money stealers & murderers.
rapists & robbers have
Left Behind
Precious Breath
that has circulated
throughout the world.
Re-Living in Us.
monks and nuns
pastors and sadhus
Loose consciousness sometimes
as they Inhale and then
Exhale the Same Air.
We all share in
The Pull and Push
of Pain
The Rise and Fall
of Joy
Through Breath, even
after Death-
Argon Remains.

For Patrice M. Charles, expression is borne out of spontaneous bursts of
inspiration. She pens free verse poetry and flash fiction, generally
influenced by nature, as well as existential and introspective matters. Her
work has been published online by
Poetic Vibes Arts Foundation, Phoenix
Photo & Fiction, and Susumba's Book Bag. Other pieces have been placed
She SEX - an important anthology of Caribbean female writers by
Bamboo Talk Press.
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