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Comet #2 – May 2024
Title image shows an a stylized rear view of a sports car executing a maneuvre.
		The front wheels are turned to the left.
		The rear wheels are smoking, and the smoke covers the rear section of the car.
		Speed lines surround the car; in the distance, obscured coloured lights.

Poetry World #9 – May 2024
Title image shows a closeup view of white cherry blossoms with orange stems completely covering several red branches.
		Atop one of the branches is a butterfly with white and orange wings, with black spots.
		Behind the scene is a light blue sky.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #4 – May 2024
Photo shows a beach view of dark brown sand, as if after a recent rain.
		Waves can be seen rolling in.
		Two people can be seen near the water, talking to each other and looking at the water.
		Incinerator Rock juts out of the water.
		The view of the rock is close enough to see the different layers of colour.
		Above the rock, clear blue sky.

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