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Newest Publications

Poetry World #6May 2023
Image text reads, 'Poetry World #6; May 23; waxpoetryart.com; Wax Poetry and Art logo; Photo by Armando Oliveira;
	Image is of a bight sunny day, a blue bike stands in a lavender field, giving the feeling of spring and summer adventure.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #1 – May 2023
Image text reads, Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, #1, waxpoetart.com, Photo by Clarissa Cervantes.
	The photo is composed of calm ocean making up the bottom half of the image.
	There are no waves but undulation can be seen toward the bottom left of the photo.
	A long pier about halfway, vertically.
	The pier extends from the left side of the photo until almost all the way to the right side.
	The his a sloping hill in the background behind the pier.
	The hill is sloping upward from the left to the right.
	The the right side of the photo, the glare of the sun setting behind the hill is bright.
	There is a golden hue over everything.
	Looking more closely at the pier, the silhouette of persons fishing can be seen.

Poetry World #5 – January 2023
Poetry World #5. Cover image shows an artistic photo of deeply coloured frangipani flowers with green, yellow, and red hues in front of a black background, all framed with a thin white border.

Phoenix Photo and Fiction – January 2023
Title image shows a clear, bright red rose in the foreground.
		In the background, the sun is rising over a darkened mountain or forest.

Poetry World #4 – September 2022
Wax Poetry and Art presents Poetry World #4.
		Poetry World collects new poems published on the Wax Poetry and Art Network.

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