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Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #4 – May 2024
Photo shows a beach view of dark brown sand, as if after a recent rain.
		Waves can be seen rolling in.
		Two people can be seen near the water, talking to each other and looking at the water.
		Incinerator Rock juts out of the water.
		The view of the rock is close enough to see the different layers of colour.
		Above the rock, clear blue sky.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #3 – January 2024
Image shows the Sheringham Lighthouse on Vancouver Island. The lighthouse tower is painted white.
	The lantern section at the top is painted red.
	The lighthouse sits atop a rocky outcrop overlooking calm water.
	In the distance, a blue mountain range forms a horizon line over the water.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #2 – September 2023
Image shows a black and white fishing boat with a crane type apparatus in the aft section.
		It is a side view of the boat, which is docked flush against a narrow plank. The reflection of the boat in the water is pristine, along with the forest, mountain, and clear blue sky behind the boat.

Phoenix Photo Fiction – September 2023
Image shows two outstretched palms presenting a raw fish.
		The fish has a pinkish hue, and bits of cilantro stick out from under the fish.
		In the background, a scene like out of a fish market.
		The hands are holding the fish over a crushed ice display with fresh seafood.
		Surrounding the hands holding the fish are more of the same type of raw fish, a brown crab, the bound claws of a live lobster, and a pild of pink prawns.

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #1 – May 2023
Image text reads, Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, #1, waxpoetart.com, Photo by Clarissa Cervantes.
		The photo is composed of calm ocean making up the bottom half of the image.
		There are no waves but undulation can be seen toward the bottom left of the photo.
		A long pier about halfway, vertically.
		The pier extends from the left side of the photo until almost all the way to the right side.
		The his a sloping hill in the background behind the pier.
		The hill is sloping upward from the left to the right.
		The the right side of the photo, the glare of the sun setting behind the hill is bright.
		There is a golden hue over everything.
		Looking more closely at the pier, the silhouette of persons fishing can be seen.

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