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Image text reads, Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, #1, waxpoetart.com, Photo by Clarissa Cervantes.
	The photo is composed of calm ocean making up the bottom half of the image.
	There are no waves but undulation can be seen toward the bottom left of the photo.
	A long pier about halfway, vertically.
	The pier extends from the left side of the photo until almost all the way to the right side.
	The his a sloping hill in the background behind the pier.
	The hill is sloping upward from the left to the right.
	The the right side of the photo, the glare of the sun setting behind the hill is bright.
	There is a golden hue over everything.
	Looking more closely at the pier, the silhouette of persons fishing can be seen.

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Published May 1st, 2023

Wax Poetry and Art Magazine #1

Welcome to the debut issue of the relaunched, Wax Poetry and Art Magazine.

Published, edited, and designed by Kirk Ramdath in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Nanaimo is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Snuneymuxw First Nation.

New issues are published three times per year on Wax Poetry and Art Day: January 1st, May 1st, and September 1st. Read earlier issues and volumes in the Archives.

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Poetry Contest #16 – First Place
by Adam L. Treitler

Featured Poet Contest #1 – First Place
Lost and Other Poems
by Chidiebere Madeuke

Visual Art & Photography Contest #1 – First Place
Misty Day and Other Photos
by Clarissa Cervantes
(United States)
Photo titled, 'Misty Day'.
		Here is another ocean photo, although very different from the previous image.
		This photo is black and white.
		The photo is composed of land, sea, and sky.
		The land portion is dark, on the lower part of the image.
		The sea and sky portions are less dark with white clouds in the sky and comprise the top portion of the image.
		There is a ying-yang type contrast.
		The land portion is composed of thick brush at the bottom of the screen. 
		The viewer is overlooking a barren mountain ridge extending vertically and sloping downward into the water.
		The sea fills the middle portion on the right side of the image. 
		Above the land and sea, a thick layer of white cloud hovers over everything, with clearer sky above the cloud.
		A small rocky island is in the middle of the screen, extending just a little way from the mountain as it slopes into the ocean.

Under 25 Poetry Contest #3 – First Place
Where Pearls Lay
by Ariel Zhang
(United States)

Poetry Contest #16 – Second Place
Location (Lo Crispin)
by Migel Jayasinghe
(United Kingdom)

Visual Art and Photography Contest #1 – Second Place
Three Collages
by Goran Tomic
Image is of a collage on cardboard.
		The collage is composed of black and white photos, clippings of text taken from publications, as well as some handwritten notes.
		Some of the photos are of a statue, a few have people, birds, a fly.
		In the centre of the collage there are bits of paper that seem to have been treated with heat as they appear toasted.
		As well, a greeting card, and the word SILENT.

Socially Engaged Poetry Contest #6 – First Place
An African Exposé
by Goodwell Kaipa

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