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"An African Exposé" by Goodwell Kaipa


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	The his a sloping hill in the background behind the pier.
	The hill is sloping upward from the left to the right.
	The the right side of the photo, the glare of the sun setting behind the hill is bright.
	There is a golden hue over everything.
	Looking more closely at the pier, the silhouette of persons fishing can be seen.

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Published May 1st, 2023

Socially Engaged Poetry Contest #6 – First Place

An African Exposé

by Goodwell Kaipa
(Monkey Bay, Mangochi, Malawi)

It's a society that's tired
Where fathers dig graves for their sons
And mothers see their daughters leave home
Just to be gold diggers in the streets
Education which they touted as the saviour
Has now been adulterated
Teaching Eurocentric philosophies
While despising our own Ubuntu
Hospitals which should be our lifeboats
Are now places where people breathe their last
How can they be cured
When medicine cupboards are empty?

It's a society that wails
Crying for a new breeze of hope
To cool down the heat, our lot
A society marred by ironies
Police units are robbed in broad daylight
And churches which should embody Christ
Are now fertile grounds for discords
Where pastors fight each other for holy supremacy
The rich keep on hoarding
While the masses view politicians as demigods
Who will one day put an end to their lack
Forgetting that Jesus came and still left society this chaotic

Goodwell Kaipa is 27 year old who has just completed his Bachelor's degree in nursing and midwifery. He is from Monkeybay, Malawi. He comes from a family of four. During his free time, he likes visiting the lake.

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