Wax Poetry and Art Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the Submissions page for Wax Poetry and Art. Here,
you can view all current submission opportunities for the dozens of
publications that comprise the
Wax Poetry and Art Network. Contests
are listed first, then special projects, then regular submission
opportunities. Scroll down the page to see all opportunities, or view
Special Projects and Regular Submissions separately.

Poetry Champions Cup 2020
The Wax Poetry and Art Poetry Champions Cup 2020 is now over.

Click here to view the list of contests and read submission guidelines
for the
Poetry Champions Cup 2020.

Special Projects - Open to All Locations
Poems for Occasions (Angela Poetry Magazine)

Regular Poetry Submissions
Regular Submissions - Without a Geographic Restriction
Angela Poetry Magazine
Axil Poetry and Art (Poets under 25 years of age)
Eleventh Transmission
First Nations Poetry Magazine (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Canadians,
Native Americans, and indigenous people living around the world.
Wax International

Regular Submissions - With a Geographic Restriction
North America - USA
California Poetry Magazine (Residents of California)
Chicago Poetry Magazine (Residents of Chicago)
NYC Poetry Magazine (Residents of New York City)
San Francisco Poetry Magazine (Residents of California)
Texas Poetry Magazine (Residents of Texas)
US Poetry Magazine (Residents of the USA)

North America - Canada
Calgary Poetry Magazine (Residents of Calgary)
Canada Poetry Magazine (Residents of Canada)
Edmonton Poetry Magazine (Residents of Alberta)
Montreal Poetry Magazine (Residents of Quebec)
Ottawa Poetry Magazine (Residents of Ontario)
Toronto Poetry Magazine (Residents of the GTA)
Vancouver Poetry Magazine (Residents of British Columbia)

United Kingdom
Dublin Poetry Magazine (Residents of Ireland and Northern Ireland)
Edinburgh Poetry Magazine (Residents of Scotland)
London Poetry Magazine (Residents of England)
UK Poetry Magazine (Residents of the United Kingdom)
Wales Poetry Magazine (Residents of Wales)

Australia & New Zealand
Australia Poetry Magazine (Residents of Australia)
New Zealand Poetry Magazine (Residents of New Zealand)

Africa Poetry Magazine (Residents of Africa)
Nigeria Poetry Magazine (Residents of Nigeria)

India Poetry Magazine (Residents of India)

Dublin Poetry Magazine (Residents of Ireland and Northern Ireland)
Europe Poetry Magazine (Residents of Europe)

Caribbean Poetry Magazine (Residents of the Caribbean)

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