Submissions are currently CLOSED!
I need to catch up on outstanding
reviewing and publishing. Contests and special projects are still running.
Check the
Wax Poetry and Art Submissions page for current contests and
other opportunities.

Ottawa Poetry Magazine invites all poets living in Ontario, Canada to
submit up to 3 original, unpublished poems.

Wax Poetry and Art

Poems must have titles.

Submit poem(s) along with a short biography and mailing address. Include
social media information in your biography, if applicable.

Submissions must be sent by email. Do not include any part of your
submission in an email attachment. Copy and paste your entire submission
(poems, biography, mailing address) into the body of a single email.

Use the email subject header, "Ottawa Poetry Magazine submission".

Email your submission to

Simultaneous submissions are allowed. Please inform me immediately if your
work is accepted elsewhere.

Allow up to 6 months for review of your poems.

There is no initial compensation for being published in Ottawa Poetry

Copyright of the work remains with the artist always. The publisher gains
the right to first publication and the right to anthologize the work online and
in print, without additional permission or compensation required. If the
resulting anthology or collection generates revenue, the publisher warrants
that artists shall receive a 50% royalty on online sales, and a 15% royalty
on print sales, with royalties shared equally among all artists based on
contribution, and with payment made every January to anyone whom $25
CAD or more is owed.

The publisher also gains the right to use parts or all of the work, as needed,
on third party platforms such as email, Facebook, and YouTube, specifically
for the purpose of promoting the work to more people, and considering the
evolving and experimental nature of the Internet.

The publisher has the right, with utmost respect to the artist and the work,
to make whatever edits are necessary, to ensure that publication occurs.

Send questions, comments, and submissions to

About the Publisher & Editor
Kirk Ramdath is the publisher and editor of Wax Poetry and Art, Eleventh
Transmission, Weekly Poems, and other publications. He has been an
artist and arts activist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, since 2005. Kirk has
received numerous writing grants from Canada Council for the Arts. His
first book is
Love in a Handful of Dust.
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