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Published December 16, 2018

Blood Moon

by Jasmine Calbert

the wolves asked for a kiss,
and with a mouth full of blood,
you blew them a red one.

breathe in the heartache

by Jasmine Calbert

do not deny me the privilege,
of having my heart broken,
by someone like you.

burden me with your weight,
bruise me with your doubt,
but please let me be wild.

i am a bashful, starlit night sky,
breathing in sunset air like a new fawn,
but please do not bite me with shark’s teeth.

if you must break me,
do it quick and please shatter me into bronze shards,
broken hearts do not equal false idols.

please block the sight of your cigarette,
perched between your black fingers and your black heart,
because i am only at the crossroads of your world.

and you wouldn’t dare let me look in.

Jasmine May Calbert is a young aspiring author living in the small Northern
town of Kapuskasing, where there are more trees than there are people.
She spends her free hours either in the park or at home, where she is
surrounded by nature. Some of her favourite hobbies include DIY crafts,
creative writing, making paper swans, and binge-watching sci-fi television

Poetry by Jasmine May Calbert
(Fauquier, Ontario, Canada)

Blood Moon
breathe in the heartache
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