Wax Poetry & Art Internatonal is a free online magazine that publishes
poetry, visual art, photography, fiction, and spoken word by artists from
around the world.

Currently we are only able to accept submissions in English.

View guidelines for Contest Submissions and Regular Submissions, below.

Include a mailing address and short biography when you submit. Include your
website in the biography, if applicable.

Contest Submissions
View all contests at Wax Poetry and Art.

Regular Submissions
Regular submissions are currently closed while we work through our backlog
of submissions and make updates to the website. Please join the mailing list
to receive notice when regular submissions reopen.  

Although regular submissions are closed, our free poetry contests are still
open. Visit the
Wax Poetry and Art Submission page for contest information.

Copyright remains with the original artists at all times.

Wax Poetry & Art International obtains the right to the first publication of the
work, as well as the right to republish the work on our website and also on
our accounts on third party platforms such as email, Facebook, and other
social media, specifically for the purpose of promoting the work to more
people. We also obtain the right to republish the accepted work in our
anthologies, either online or in print.

Currently we are not able to offer compensation, except as specified in
contests and special projects. Published artists receive 50% commission on
tips received on artist pages, once $10 has been accumulated, and annually,
if the $10 threshold has been met.

Send Submissions
Send submissions by email to Use the email
subject heading, "Wax International submission".

Send questions and comments to

Recently closed contest:
Poetry Contest #1.
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