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UK Poetry Magazine invites all poets living on Earth to participate in the
UK Poetry Contest. Prizes will be awarded for First Place and Top UK
Poet. Winning these prizes also wins entry into the
Wax Poetry and Art
World's Best Poem contest.

The format of the contest is intended to create a cultural exchange
between the international community of poets and poets residing in the
United Kingdom.

Published and edited by Kirk Ramdath.

A project of
Wax Poetry and Art.

UK Poetry Contest Submission Guidelines

UK Poetry Magazine presents
UK Poetry Contest #1

Deadline to enter: EXTENDED TO Sunday, October 1, 2017.
Number of poems: 1 to 3.
Number of lines: No limit.
Cost to enter: 1 poem, free. 2 poems, £3. 3 poems, £4.
Submissions in English are welcome from everywhere on Earth.
Number of Winning Poems: 2.
First Place: £40
Top UK Poet: £40
Intended Publication date: Late 2017.
Simultaneous submissions: Not allowed.

Wax Poetry and Art Poetry Contest
United States Poetry Contest
Calgary Poetry Contest

Contact us to inquire about sponsoring this contest:

The poem(s) submitted must be wholly original to the person submitting
the work.

Simultaneous submissions are
not allowed for this contest. Do not submit
the same poems anywhere else until the contest results are announced. At
that time, participants who did not win the contest may submit the work

The poem(s) submitted must be previously unpublished in print format or in
any publicly accessible online format such as an online magazine, personal
website, or blog. Work viewable on private forums, such as a private
Facebook post, is not considered as published.

As many as three poems may be submitted. One poem may be submitted
for free. Two poems may be submitted for a fee of £3, and three poems
for a fee of £4. Payment can be made via PayPal, using the buttons shown
below, or by cheque to the address shown below.

There is no restriction on the number of lines.

Include a biographical note of 100 words or fewer. If applicable, include your
website and professional social media pages.

Ensure your submission is complete prior to submitting. Your submission
must contain:
-Payment (if submitting more than 1 poem)
-Biography (100 words, or fewer).
-Mailing address.

Entries must be received by midnight of Sunday, October 1, 2017.

All participants will be added to the
Wax Poetry and Art email list. You can
easily remove yourself at any time, or let us know.

Please remember that simultaneous submissions are not allowed for this

Copy and paste all materials in the body of a
single email. Do not include

Submissions must be sent by email to Use the
subject header, "UK Poetry Contest".
Submission Fees

1 Poem: Free

2 Poems: £3

3 Poems: £4

Cheques must be payable to "Kirk Ramdath", and sent to:

Wax Poetry and Art
Attn: UK Poetry Contest
101-5170 Dunster Road
Suite 108
Nanaimo, BC, V9T 6M4, CANADA

Please ensure that cheques are posted well in advance of the contest
Publication Terms
Copyright remains with the original artist at all times.

UK Poetry Magazine publisher Kirk Ramdath obtains the right to the first
publication of the work, as well as the right to republish the work on this
website and related accounts on third party platforms such as email,
Facebook, and other social media, specifically for the purpose of promoting
the work and the artist to more people, and considering the continuously
evolving nature of the Internet. The publisher also obtains the right to
republish the work in our own anthologies, either online or in print, without
additional compensation required. In addition to being published online,
UK Poetry Magazine publisher and editor, Kirk Ramdath, will perform and
record a video reading of both winning poems, and make the video
accessible to everyone, such as in a YouTube video, although exact format
to be determined.

If the winning poets and the publisher come to future agreements regarding
this work that will result in additional compensation beyond the initial prize,
the initial prize shall serve as an advance on future royalties.

Although we strive to apply a light hand when it comes to editing, the
publisher reserves the right to make whatever edits are deemed necessary
at any time, with utmost respect to the artists, to ensure that publication

The Winners
First Place: £40
Top UK Poet: £40

If a poet residing in the UK wins First Place, they also win Top UK Poet,
for a total prize of £80. In that case, an additional award of Second Place
will be granted for a second poem, with a prize of £10.

Payment will be sent within two weeks following publication, via PayPal
(preferred), or cheque sent via regular post.

Both winning poems will be published individually and featured on the main
page of
UK Poetry Magazine, with publication intended for late 2017.

Both winning poems will be published in print format, in letters sent to
subscribers of the
UK Poetry Contest. Each winning poem wins the author
1 copy of the print issue containing both winning poems. Additional copies
can be purchased. Details will be provided to the winners.

The poems winning First Place and Top UK Poet receive entry into the
Reader's Choice component of the
Wax Poetry and Art World's Best Poem
Contest. The First Place poem ONLY receives entry into the Editor's Choice
Click here for the World's Best Poem contest guidelines.

Participants will be notified of the results prior to publication and within two
months following the close of the contest.

Judging will be based on two criteria: 1. Effectiveness of the poem, and
2. quality of writing and editing. Both, as determined by the editor. There
are always more excellent poems than prizes to be awarded; please edit

Writers submitting work to
UK Poetry Magazine assume all liability if
situations arise due to any misrepresentations on the part of the writer,
especially in regards to copyright violations.

Questions or comments? Please email

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Love in a Handful of Dust. He has been a poet and publisher
since 2005. He lives, works, and writes, in Canada.
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