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"Location (Lo Crispin)" by Migel Jayasinghe


Image text reads, Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, #1, waxpoetart.com, Photo by Clarissa Cervantes.
	The photo is composed of calm ocean making up the bottom half of the image.
	There are no waves but undulation can be seen toward the bottom left of the photo.
	A long pier about halfway, vertically.
	The pier extends from the left side of the photo until almost all the way to the right side.
	The his a sloping hill in the background behind the pier.
	The hill is sloping upward from the left to the right.
	The the right side of the photo, the glare of the sun setting behind the hill is bright.
	There is a golden hue over everything.
	Looking more closely at the pier, the silhouette of persons fishing can be seen.

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Published May 1st, 2023

Poetry Contest #16 – Second Place

Location (Lo Crispin)

by Migel Jayasinghe
(Purley, Surrey, England, United Kingdom)

Cotton wool-clouded sky adorns the morning
assumes at mid-day an azure, uniform blue.
Foliage of trees, green, planted lovingly close
fondle, stroke, and embrace their nearest neighbors.
Bushes pruned sparsely to form smooth geometric shapes
shade a row of wooden seats, prompting residents
to sit and cogitate over their existentialist state.

Among the passerine birds, the sparrow prevails
building nests freely, in the sprawling urbanizations.
They squabble without rancor as the sunset approaches
perched on bougainvillea, high up on the terrace
feeding nestlings with the choicest titbits.

Nature – flora and fauna, share a pleasing habitation
as a crimson night sky heralds the day's termination.

Migel Jayasinghe: Qualified in Psychology (BA Hons) and Occupational Psychology (M.Sc.1982). Started as a Research Assistant at the Industrial Training Reseach Unit, Cambridge (1973-74). Was Occupational Psychologist with the Educational and Occupational Assessment Service in Lusaka, Zambia (1975-78). Higher Psychologist with the Manpower Services Commission, UK (1981-95). Senior Occupational Psychologist at Royal British Legion Industries (1996-2001). Since school days, hobby has always been creative writing (memoir, fiction, poetry).

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