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Title image shows an row of books cutting diagonally across the image.

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Comet #2 – May 2024
Title image shows an a stylized rear view of a sports car executing a maneuvre.
		The front wheels are turned to the left.
		The rear wheels are smoking, and the smoke covers the rear section of the car.
		Speed lines surround the car; in the distance, obscured coloured lights.

Poetry World #9 – May 2024
Title image shows a closeup view of white cherry blossoms with orange stems completely covering several red branches.
		Atop one of the branches is a butterfly with white and orange wings, with black spots.
		Behind the scene is a light blue sky.

Comet #1 – January 2024
Title image shows an amazing aurora borealis with sweeping bluish green waves of light over a small rocky, icy mountain,
		all reflected in the foreground which is a thin layer of ocean water, as if when the tide is in.
		Under the water, the ripples carved into the sand are visible.

Poetry World #8 – January 2024
Image shows fresh fruit and nuts arranged on a black stone surface.
		On the left side of the image is a heart shape in black stone.
		On the right are tomatoes, broccoli, walnuts, almonds, zucchini, and a bowl of quinoa.

Poetry World #7 – September 2023
In the image, large letters state, 'Poetry World #7'. A feminine figure in a yellow jacket and a white canvas backpack faces away from the viewer toward a mountain.
		She stands on a wooden bridge, the water extends behind her and toward the mountain in front of her.
		The wooden bridge extends horizontally across the image.
		There is a reflection of the bridge and the figures standing on it.

Poetry World #6 – May 2023
Image text reads, 'Poetry World #6; May 23; waxpoetryart.com; Wax Poetry and Art logo; Photo by Armando Oliveira;
	Image is of a bight sunny day, a blue bike stands in a lavender field, giving the feeling of spring and summer adventure.

Poetry World #5 – January 2023
Poetry World #5. Cover image shows an artistic photo of deeply coloured frangipani flowers with green, yellow, and red hues in front of a black background, all framed with a thin white border.

Poetry World #4 – September 2022
Wax Poetry and Art presents Poetry World #4.
		Poetry World collects new poems published on the Wax Poetry and Art Network.

Poetry World #3 – May 2022
Title image shows a closeup of a colourful striped leaf.

Poetry World #2 – January 2022
Title image shows a black and red train moving through a snow-covered forest.

Poetry World #1 – September 2021
Title image shows a mountainous road, blue sky and a bright sunrise at the horizon.

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