Eleventh Transmission believes art can play a powerful role in creating a
better world.  We publish socially engaged poetry, fiction, photography,
visual art, and spoken word.

Topics can include, but are not limited to: feminism, gender inequality,
racial inequality, oppression of indigenous peoples, wealth inequality,
poverty, environmental issues, eroding civil liberties, government failure
and hypocrisy, corporate media control, colonialism, war, prejudice in the
arts community, satire, etc..

Creative work engaging with topics such as mental health, domestic violence,
and addiction and recovery will also be considered, as well as all work that
engages in meaningful ways with what it means to be human.

These are often difficult stories to tell, but these are also tales of survival
and hope, humour, and love. By engaging with these difficult topics and by
daring to shine the light of truth upon these situations, we triumph over the
oppression of silence.

Eighteen issues of
Eleventh Transmission were published from April 2006 -
March 2008.

The magazine was relaunched in February 2015.

Publisher & Managing Editor
Kirk Ramdath
is the author of Love in a Handful of Dust, published by
Frontenac House. He publishes
Wax Poetry and Art, Weekly Poems, Axil
Poetry and Art, Phoenix Photo&Fiction, and Eleventh Transmission. Kirk
has created space for hundreds of poets, writers, visual artists, musicians,
and photographers in print, online, and on stage. Kirk has a Bachelor of Arts
in English, with Distinction, from the University of Calgary. He has received
three writing grants from Canada Council for the Arts, and is working on a
new manuscript about growing up in Trinidad and Tobago and Calgary,
Canada. Kirk is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets and the
Writers Union of Canada.

Main Fiction Editor
Alyson Fortowsky is Main Fiction Editor at Wax Poetry and Art, Phoenix
Photo&Fiction, Eleventh Transmission, and Axil Poetry and Art. She has
short stories published or upcoming in several Canadian magazines, and
was previously the host of the Passion Pitch Storytellers series of fiction
reading events in Calgary, Alberta. At one time, she also taught her favourite
novels to undergrads at Calgary's Mount Royal University. Currently, she is
based in Toronto, Ontario.

Publication Information
Eleventh Transmission
ISSN 1913-2964
Published in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Frequency: Ongoing.
Publisher and Managing Editor:
Kirk Ramdath.
Free online.

Mailing Address:
Wax Poetry and Art
Attn: Eleventh Transmission
512, 919 Centre Street NW
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2E 2P6
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