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"My Beautiful Star" by Kerry Kendrick


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Published September 1, 2021

My Beautiful Star

by Kerry Kendrick
(London, England)

Mummy misses you everyday
ever since you went away
every time that I pray
I hope and wish you could have stayed
I hope you're happy where you are
my beautiful, beautiful little star
your little smile, your soft dark hair
the way you giggled, your glazing stare
your beautiful eyes as you looked up at me
it's only beauty that I see
I want you to know that mummy loves you
but right now there's nothing I can do
I miss you deeply, words cannot speak
I wish I had you to watch you sleep
to watch you grow as you find your path
to have the days, to see you laugh
to watch you in the world, as you glow
my little star, my wish for you
is that you grow up happy in all that you do
to be loved and cared for like you should
I hope one day I get to meet you again
and will be able to be there for all that you do
Love always, Mummy

My name is Kerry Kendrick. I'm kind, bubbly, and also shy most of the time. I enjoy being creative and being able to express myself in a constructive way. I have struggled with my mental health and have found it difficult managing my emotions. My children were removed from my care due to me not being able to take care of them. I have found writing poetry a good way of expressing myself. This poem I have written is dedicated to my children and is written from my heart.

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